Countryman All4 wheel spacers?

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Countryman All4 wheel spacers?

por jensenbreck » 06 Fev 2018, 07:54


Has anyone tried wheel spacers on their Countryman All4? All OEM rims - 17, 18, 19" - seem to be the same wheel width @ 7.5". My OEM 18's have an offset of 52mm and the Works 19's have an offset of 48mm. So I'm thinking I could go at least 4 mm wider. I've seen a variety of spacers for the Countryman: 5 mm, 10 mm (H&R), a lot of 12 mm for the Countryman and even larger. And I have the sport suspension. Just wondering what works, how far can you go before rubbing or going beyond flush with the fender flares. Don't want to go too rad, but give it some beef. Thoughts? Photos?

Please help.

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