Advertised fuel consumption vs Real fuel consumption

Advertised fuel consumption vs Real fuel consumption

por jensenbreck » 15 Nov 2017, 08:45

I bought a demo polo Vivo Maxx 2 weeks ago with 7400km on the clock. The car is using 10l/100km (10km/l) while the salesman stated the car should use 7.6l/100km (13km/l) and the brochures state the car should use 6,6l/100km. They didn't mention if the fuel consumption specs is town driving or long distance driving, however I only drove the car in town.
The reason why I bought the polo was to have smaller family car that I can use for school/work transportation and tow my MX bike on weekends with a light trailer. We have a bigger SUV at home so the polo is really to save money, but the freaken SUV is lighter on fuel!!!
They are now test driving the car and if the fuel consumption is not according to specs then they will have it fixed.
I fear that I could have bought a bigger car and have better fuel consumption and is 10km/l normal for these small cars or will it be unreasonable of me to insist in having them take the piece of s...t back?

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